Snuggle Sloth: Giant Soft Sloth Stuffed Animal – Perfect Cuddly Companion for All Ages

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A huge hugger, great cuddler, and super snuggler, our Giant Sloth is all about taking it slow and living his best lazy life. The only thing he’s quick at is making friends with everyone! He’s made with the highest quality, buttery soft fur and is stuffed just right for optimal huggability. Constructed with so much character and charm, he features extra long limbs, fuzzy claws, iconic sloth features, and an irresistible embroidered smile.

Although sloths are known for their slow-moving nature, our new Soft stuffed version is quick to show off its cuteness and will make fast friends with anyone. It’s the perfect companion for playtime, cuddle time, or bedtime, with its super-huggable construction featuring adorable details like a classic sloth face, charming button nose, sweet smile, and perfectly soft claws.


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