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Smartwatch for Kids l Kids Phone, GPS & More Smartwatch

With Balma´s Smartwatch for kids they can learn to tell time; its waterproof, splash and sweat proof. With high precision components, swimming and bathing are no a thing to be worried about!

The Kids Phone Watch has a high performance battery, longer standby time. With high polymeized costume battery, charging faster performance, longer time than same power, eliminating the trouble of charing every day.

Precise positioning, real time viewing, Accurate record every corner of your child, fully meet the positioning needs of life and emergency situations.

With a two way  clear and stable call, the sound is louder and can be heard in noisy environments! Also, a more convenient voice chatting. The watch is very beautiful and the material is great and soft! Excellent for your kids! They will love it as much as you.


  • APP system requirements: Android 4.0 system or more, IOS 8.0 or above
  • SIM card: supported,2GSIMcard,85090018001900 (Not included)
  • Small flashlight for viewing in dark places
  • Waterproof IP67
  • SOS button for emergencies
  • Built-in camera
  • Learning games for kids to play
  • Remote monitoring for keeping a safe watch on your children
  • Built-in microphone for two-way communication
  • Parents can customize a security range that alerts when the watch is moved beyond that location
  • Enable/disable functions according to time
  • Trace replay can track movement for up to 30 days
  • Strangers cannot call the watch
  • Alarm clock reminders
  • Friends function allows pairing and voice chat with friends
  • Low power warning
  • Remote power off


Disclaimer: The product is Waterproof IP67, which means that it can be held on 1 mt below water during no more than 30 minutes


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Customer Reviews

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Easy Product with Clear Directions

They mailed easy step by step directions to set up your watch including clearly indicating which app to download, which plan to pick from Red Pocket or what kind of plan you need if you choose ATT. I previously owned a Doki watch was awful bc of their poor tech support and help.
This watch has mostly all you need in a tiny start up instruction book. there are also some videos. the only thing I would suggest is making it easier how to connect and/or download the app and set up more than 1 parent to a watch. It wasn't hard to figure out but not as clear as their other instructions.

Would absolutely recommend.

Does exactly what is says & worth the money

This watch is the coolest watch ever I purchased this watch for my eight-year-old daughter. I purchased the watch on Sunday and this watch has been very good to us.The watch is very secure for the adult overseeing the account. I love the do not disturb features, I am able to set reminders for her As well as this is a good wait for her to remain in contact with close family. I am very happy with my purchase and I would highly recommend this watch to anyone considering it for their young child. This watch has no games on it but I am perfectly fine with that as this is just a quick communication device so that my child can remain in contact with myself and close family. It is worth the money.

Perfect for young kids to connect with parents!

Bought one for each young kid and they are just what they needed. Like the parental controls, tracking, group texting within the app. Took a little while to set up the phone accounts and our apps on parents and grandparents phones so that everyone can video talk, but it's easy enough. Haven't had a need for custom,mer support, but they make it known everywhere very visibly that customer support is readily available to help. Nightly charge works for the entire day. Good fit for band, though watch part is slightly big looking on kids arm, but it also does a lot!

S. Vasilevsky
Perfect for kids who are too young for a mobile phone

We purchased 2 watches for our kids (8 and 10) about a month ago. I was hesitant and did a lot of comparison shopping before deciding on the kid smartwatch watch, but it has turned out to be a great decision. The other main options we considered were the Verizon Gizmo Watch and the TMobile Timex Family Connect. The Doki Pal watch sounded interesting but it seemed to be discontinued when I looked into it (July 2020).

An important thing to consider is these watches require a full voice and data line from a wireless carrier. The decision which watch to get was partly tied to which wireless service we wanted to go with and since we chose TMobile for our family of 4, that priced out the Verizon watch as the service would be much more expensive for the 2 watches. We chose kid smartwatch over TMobile's Timex FamilyConnect because it was a much better product in several areas:

1. The kid smartwatch Watch does NOT include games, which is a very thoughtful and probably difficult decision for the manufacturer. While games would make the watch more exciting for kids, they can be both a distraction as well as a big drain on the battery.
2. From reading dozens of reviews, the biggest issue with all of these watches seems to be battery life. This was the decider for me as the kid smartwatch 3 Watch has a 680 mAh battery when compared to 370 mAh for Timex FamilyConnect.
3. The price was the same for both watches at the time, although now I see the Timex Watch is selling for half the asking price from a month ago and reviews are now even more unfavorable than when I saw them last.

Our experience with the watches has been very positive overall. I turned off Wifi and turned on the "Firewall" feature to protect the kids from random calls except family. This has also helped the battery last the whole day. We have not had a single day when the battery ran out and we typically only charge at nights.

We live near a park and the watches are still used every sunny day when we let the kids go play outside. They still love them several weeks later, as they have gained a new sense of independence while we have the peace of mind knowing where they are. The convenience factor of not having to fetch them for lunch or dinner is also great, I can just call them now.

Iris C
Great concept

Love the watch, exactly what I was looking for my LO. Now I can send her to school with a peace of mind, knowing she can reach out to me anytime. I love how easy setup was. And all the features are very helpful, the reminders to wake up on time, brush teeth, eat breakfast, DND are so well put. The GPS is very accurate and I really like that it has no games in it, so DD can concentrate on her play and socialize. One downside, wish the battery last longer. Also the band is not near red, it’s more like a pink grapefruit, however it works for us since we bought for our daughter.