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Introducing our Silicone Glove for Teething, the solution to teething discomfort


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Teething Relief: Specifically designed for infants, these teething mitts provide soothing relief during the teething phase, ensuring your baby’s comfort.

Glove Design: Crafted as mittens, these teething gloves are easy to slip onto your baby’s hands, allowing them to self-soothe by safely chewing on the silicone surface.

Silicone Teether: The soft and safe silicone material is gentle on your baby’s gums, making it an ideal choice for teething discomfort.

Infant-Friendly: Suitable for babies aged 3 months and beyond, these teething mittens offer a practical and effective solution to help your little one through the teething process.

Choose our Silicone Glove for Teething to provide your baby with a soothing and safe teething experience.


Pink, Blue, Green, Beige

Customer Reviews

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Noah M.
Teething Relief

These teething gloves are fantastic. Recommend for teething babies.

Ava G.
Teething Essential

These mitts are amazing for soothing teething pain. Recommend them.

Chloe H.
Amazing Teething Gloves

Lifesaver for teething babies. Highly recommend to all parents.

Benjamin R.
Top Teething Product

A must-have for any parent with a teething baby. Love them.

Mia L.
Teething Savior

These gloves have made teething much easier for my baby. Recommend them.