Sensory Fun Bathtime Splashy Toy Set for Toddlers

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Elevate Bathtime into a Whimsical Adventure with Quacky Pal – The Vibrant and Lively Bath Toy That Will Captivate Your Little Ones, Ensuring Endless Hours of Joy! Watch as the charming duck transforms bathtime into a playful and interactive experience, creating a newfound enthusiasm for daily baths.

Revolutionize Bathtime into Playful Exploration

No more struggles to lure your little one into the tub or keeping them engaged long enough for a proper clean. Quacky Pal turns bathtime into a daily highlight for your child. The delightful duck, nestled inside an egg, is bound to seize their attention, while the adorable little shower and water jet will elicit giggles and play for extended periods.

Harmonizing Fun and Education

Quacky Pal transcends the realm of a mere bath toy; it’s an educational adventure. As your child engages with Quacky Pal, crucial hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills come into play.

Witness their understanding of cause and effect as they observe the water cascading from the egg’s bottom. Encourage their imaginative spirit as they craft new games and scenarios for Quacky Pal to explore in the watery wonderland.

Discover the joy of interactive toys right in your bathtub with Quacky Pal, making bathtime a sensory-rich experience for your little ones. It’s not just a bath toy; it’s a versatile addition to your collection of toddler toys and toys for kids, creating memorable moments for your children every day.




  • Little shower and water jet for dynamic, interactive play
  • Cultivates hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Stimulates cause and effect learning
  • Versatile for use in bathtubs, pools, or outdoor water play
  • Set includes: 1x Duck, 1x Penguin


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