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Punching Bag for Kids

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Punching Bag for Kids

The Punching Bag for Kids can fast rebound and soft, great for everyone to exercise and play. Easy to carry, it can be used at anytime anywhere. Our high quality materials ensure safety and durability. In addition, soft rubber is stuffed into the boxing ring and is sealed.

Inflatable sandbags are ideal for fitness and stress. Improve coordination and flexibility, burn calories and reduce stress while increasing flexibility and hand-eye coordination. Each time you hit the ball, it is also an ideal choice for taekwondo training. Can be used for adults and children.



  • Non-hanging heavy bag design allows you to exercise wherever is most convenient – perfect for your home or commercial gym.
  • This fun inflatable punch bag is great for both keeping fit or for using as a stress buster and can be used both adults and children.
  • Improves coordination and flexibility, burning calories and venting stress.Rocks back and forth with every punch, Ideal for kick-boxing workouts too.

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Customer Reviews

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Dainerys B.

My kids with autism love it., he has this thing of hitting things.. and this bounce it been great for him, and the bounce resist. I also could put water on the base, so the bounce keep on the place. I highly recommend the product.

G's Mom
Great punching bag for kids.

This punching bag is surprisingly sturdy. We have had it for about a week and is still inflated, even though my daughter punches and kicks it multiple times a day. The bottom fills with water, and the top and middle can be inflated by mouth. It’s a good size for my 9 yr old, and easy to move around. We got the yellow design and it is somewhat cute. Great toy to burn some energy off at a reasonable price.

Sid Riz
Absolute delight!

My kids love it! I love it. My husband loves it. It is quite big and sturdy and helps in keeping their energy at bay. Kids have so much energy, so not going out because of Corona and all - they need to burn it and this is the perfect toy for them .

Sule Ch
Awesome punching bag

My niece loved this so much! She has alot of fun and it is a good workoutt for her also. Lol. definitely recommend for kids

Naimah White
A great workout for kids

My granddaughter loves it. You will need 4 5lbs bag of sand to pour inside, it help keeps it flat and firm on the floor so it could be Bobble back-and-forth. It is a great Sores Of keeping the kids Active it gives them an upper arm workout upper arm strength and it keeps them physically fit. It’s just great