Newborn White and Green Noise Sound Machine for Infants Sleep Portable Machine


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Enhanced Sleep with White Noise Sound Machine for Infants

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  • Specialized Function: featuring 9 ambient sounds to accelerate the sleep process.
  • Shortcut Buttons: convenient shortcut buttons for a seamless bedtime routine.
  • Memory Function: with a memory button allows you to prioritize and cycle through your preferred sound

White Noise for Soothing Sleep: Designed as a specialized white noise catalytic sleep machine, this product offers 9 ambient sounds to enhance your sleep experience. Perfect for infants, newborns, and those seeking a tranquil sleep environment.

Efficient Shortcut Buttons: Access the accelerated sleep sounds effortlessly with dedicated shortcut buttons. Simplify your bedtime routine and enjoy a seamless transition to a restful night’s sleep.

Memory Function for Personalized Comfort: Prioritize your preferred sound with the memory button, allowing for a personalized and comforting sleep experience. Cycle through sounds easily to find the perfect match for your night.

Comprehensive Packing for Convenience: The package includes the essential components – the Hypnotized Machine, Type-C Leadwire, User Instructions, and a Packaging Protection Box. Everything you need for a soothing sleep in one comprehensive package.

Packing List:

  • Hypnotized Machine: 1
  • Leadwire (Type-C): 1
  • User Instructions: 1
  • Packaging Protection Box: 1

Experience enhanced sleep with the White Noise Catalytic Machine. Ideal for infants, newborns, or anyone seeking a peaceful sleep environment, this machine offers efficient shortcut buttons and a memory function for a personalized and comforting bedtime routine.