Newborn Baby Hooded Bath Towel Swaddle Fleece Bathrobe Blanket with Hood

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Fun Bath time with our Children Hooded Bath Towel

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  • Newborn Bath Essential: a swaddle fleece bathrobe blanket designed with a hood for added warmth.
  • Hooded Design: Featuring a hood for extra coziness

Ultimate Bath Time Comfort: Make bath time a delightful experience for your newborn with our Hooded Bath Towel. This swaddle fleece bathrobe blanket is specially crafted to provide warmth and comfort.

Charming Hooded Design: The hooded feature adds an extra layer of coziness, wrapping your little one in softness from head to toe.

Children’s Towel Poncho Style: With a design reminiscent of a poncho, this towel is not just a bath accessory but a stylish addition to your baby’s wardrobe.

Perfect for the Beach: Versatile enough to be used as a hooded beach towel, making it ideal for sunny outings or post-swim coziness.


  • Product Name: Newborn Baby Hooded Bath Towel
  • Design: Swaddle Fleece Bathrobe Blanket with Hood
  • Usage: Children’s Hooded Towel, Beach Towel, Towel Poncho
  • Material: High-Quality Fleece

Wrap your newborn in the warmth of our Hooded Bath Towel—a perfect blend of functionality and style for your baby’s bath time and beyond.


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