Montessori Screwdriver Wooden Board Kids and Toddlers, Waldorf Sensory Bin Toys Set for 3 4 5 Year Old


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Introducing our Montessori Tools for 3-Year-Olds—an exceptional set of educational toys designed to empower young minds in mastering essential life skills. Tailored for children aged up to 3 years, these toys foster independence by immersing kids in real-world problem-solving scenarios. The hands-on experience cultivates practical life skills, including screwdriver usage, tool manipulation, and proper key handling, all the while enhancing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.



Watch as your child confidently engages in the action of removing and re-inserting 7 distinct screws, a process that not only refines their recognition abilities but also heightens sensory activity. These autism-friendly sensory toys cater to children with special needs, providing a safe space for skill development. The included lightweight screwdriver, hex key, and wrench boast textured handles, ensuring a secure grip for seamless exploration.

Crafted from environmentally friendly, natural wood, our durable Montessori Board is an enduring investment in your child’s growth. Its aesthetically pleasing and sustainable design, coupled with smooth corners and edges, fits snugly into tiny hands for safe and independent play. Beyond the educational aspect, the board stimulates fine motor skills and encourages exploration of bolt shapes, facilitating correct usage.

Elevate the learning experience with our Interactive Montessori Board, designed to infuse creativity and fun into every lesson. This beautifully wrapped and ready-to-gift board not only makes your little one smarter and happier but also instills a sense of accomplishment in completing real-life tasks. Unleash the potential of learning through play and gift your child the joy of exploration today with these cool toys and exceptional Montessori teaching toys!



  • Material: wood, metal, plastic Size:
  • Wooden: 19×3.5x10cm / 7.48×1.38×3.94 inches
  • Fire Fighter: 18×2.2×12.5cm / 7.09×0.87×4.92 inches

Package includes:

  • 1 set of wooden screwdriver board

Wooden, Fire Fighter