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Monkey Backpack Leash Leash for Kids

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Monkey Backpack Leash – Leash for Kids

This Monkey Backpack Leash is an excellent way to keep kids safe in public places, functioning both as a harness and backpack. The child-friendly harness keeps your precious child close when you need it most.

The safety strap adjusts as your child grows.  The buckle allows easy on-off access meaning that it can be used as a regular backpack when the rein is not required while the connection strap remains securely attached when being used as a harness.  The long, 5-foot tail allows your little adventurer to move about while still under parents’ control.

-made of 100% polyester
– 18 months-3 years old
– ideal for the outdoors and public places
– for use as a backpack or harness
– includes fun pouch for toys
– adjustable straps
– convenient safety buckles
– safety reign with secure clip attachment
– easy to put on! Fun to wear!
-machine washable

Customer Reviews

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Jacob Mahran
Great tool for keeping your kid close when needed.

We have had this for a few months now and it has been great. When we go out on hikes, shopping malls, and anywhere else you may want your kids near by while walking on there own this is it. Most times our son just wears it and I fold the leash up into the little pouch on the back so I can grab it if he does run off. It has been very sturdy and works as a grab point to prevent falls. My son is about 25lbs and climbs every obstacle he sees. I have caught him by this pack mid fall a few times. Great product.

Great harness for kids on the go .

Love it and so does my son . He is a fast little guy so this harness is great cause I do not worry about him getting away from me when we are going to the park or if we out out for a walk . Is does not seem uncomfortable for my little guy and you can easily remove the leash so they can run and play and when its time to walk home you can easily re hook the leash . It has a small pocket on the back of the monkey but I have never used it . All an all Solid 5 star product ,



Love this!!! My son is two. Took him to Disney and on a plane for the first time. He has a tendency to take off running. Oh what a "fun game"....for him.

This was perfect. It's cute...looks like a cute backpack, so u don't really notice the "leash". Acted like a pillow for him on the plane and gave ME peace of mind!!

It doesn't mean you don't still keep an eye on your child but it frees up ur hands and the constant worry. Disney was great, but PACKED!!!

I loooove this thing!

Great product!!

My family and I went to Disneyland and we has our little 16 month old girl too. She is running all over and we were a little worried about that being in the park so we bought this Harness. We were a little worried what she would do but when she saw it, she wanted to put it write on and never took it off! We were able to give her a little bit of room to run a little but keep her close as well which is really what we were expecting from this product. It was very cute and now that we are back, she'll wear it around the house and put her little toys in the pocket. This was a fantastic purchase and would recommend it to any parent that wants to keep their kids close but let them walk and enjoy their freedom a little too.

Daughter loves the cute monkey

Used it a few times in places like an aquarium. You can give your little one some freedom and not have to watch them like a hawk. If my little girl didn’t like it I wouldn’t use it but she thinks the little monkey on her back is cool. Even if I’m not using it she wants it on her back.