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Kids Talking ATM Savings Bank

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With the Kids Talking ATM Savings Bank Let Them Play with Their Own Money

Want to teach kids about money in a fun way? Teach money saving skills with Kids Talking ATM Savings Bank. It’s designed to look and operate like a real ATM, can use it with your kids’ own real money.

Designed like a real ATM card, the kids ATM bank’s pretend accessory lets kids deposit and withdraw with the protection of a 4-digit PIN. It features an alarm clock with calendar and motorized bill feeder. Kids will have hours of fun counting, depositing, withdrawing, and saving with both real & pretend money.

A Fun & Functional Device To Help Your Child To Practice Early Math & Improve Money Saving Skill

Kids Talking ATM Savings Bank Features:

  • PERSONAL ATM MACHINE: These kids talking ATM savings bank work like a real ATM. It accepts and recognizes each coin inserted and also accepts notes by drawing them through the slot in the front of the machine. It lights up and makes real ATM sounds.
  • TEACH CHILDREN THE IMPORTANCE OF SAVING: It teaches children how to save money and track the progress of their savings. They can even set saving targets and check the display to see how many days or money is still needed to reach their goals.
  • BUILT-IN FUNCTIONS: This mini ATM bank features a real-time alarm clock with calendar and motorized bill feeder. The clock has 12/24 hour format and alarm. It also features a savings target setting, withdrawal, and balance check.
  • PASSWORD SAFE: Insert the realistic ATM card and then enter a 4-digit secret code to access your savings. It helps kids manage their money with its realistic display. It requires 3x AA Batteries (not included).


  • Size: 187 x 148 x 240mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x ATM Savings Bank
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Personal ATM Card

Customer Reviews

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Great for kids!

My son loves this item! The details and overall specifications are pretty exact.

It works great. -

Skyler and I use this frequently at the car wash. It works great. - Walt

Lance W.
My 9 year old absolutely loves the ATM and has ...

My 9 year old absolutely loves the ATM and has actually started saving more money. The ATM card which requires a PIN number provides a realistic feel to banking.

Cory S Flores

I love this!!!! I work in retail so I was receiving lots of cash tips, all in ones so I was running out of places to put them, and then I found this!!
It was hard to figure out at first but then I read the instructions and I got it right away, it’s absolutely perfect and so much fun to put my tips back into at the end of the day! :)

I know there are other piggy banks but this is the one you want!!!

This is an awesome piggy bank, and I am 34 years old and it is easy enough to use for a young child like 6 or 7 and it is probably durable enough as well as long as they don't throw it, and it is also Advanced enough that I and the computer it Wizard and I still love programming that thing it has so many settings so it's literally for ages 6 or 7 and up, it reads every coin very well. Hold the bills you are inserting and then push the button give the paper a little wiggle it will go in a lot smoother. As I said the coin slot reads extremely well you can load coin after crying after calling and it will read all of them so unlike some of the other ATMs I've actually purchased this one say for instance you can insert a penny then a nickel than a dime then another Penny than a quarter and it will read every coin correctly even though the screen will still say for instance $0.01 or $0.05, but when you look after you have answered all of your coins instead of having to load them slowly it will read them all quickly and it is extremely accurate. It's a great gift but I will say this I bought one for my daughter and within one week she kept playing with it she's 11 but she's very mature