Interactive Montessori Shape-Matching Kitchen Toy Set for Children

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In an era where screens can stifle our children’s creativity, the responsibility lies with us to select toys for kids that not only entertain but also nurture their minds, shaping the skills that will define their future.

Shape-Marching Eggs is the kind of toddler toy that transcends, elevating your kids’ intelligence to make them shine among their peers. Prepare to wonder, “Where has this been all my childhood?”

Innovative Enjoyment and Ideal Diversion

Children can dismantle, pair, identify numbers, and name colors with these geometric eggs. Presented in a convenient container, they can be stored effortlessly and neatly – a fantastic way to instill the habit of cleaning up in your child!

This isn’t just a toy; it’s a dynamic investment that grows with your child, steering clear of the fate of being discarded after a month.

Engaging Montessori Toy Packed with Learning

Children focus intently on the centers and matching the pieces, providing a captivating and educational experience. The pieces are easily separated by little hands but stay connected well enough to withstand the playful tosses of a toddler.

This fosters their motor skills, problem-solving abilities, logical thinking, color perception, and hand-eye coordination.



  • Set includes: 12 matching eggs
  • Material: BPA-free plastic
  • Size: see product picture


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