Flying Ball Toy For Kids Spinner Toy Hand Controlled Drone 360° Ball Rotating

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Flying Ball Toy For Kids Spinner Toy Hand Controlled Drone 360° Ball Rotating

Looking for a unique and amazing toy for your children? With this flying ball you can surely achieve it, thanks to its unique and interesting way of use. It is a toy that can float on its own, thanks to its internal propellers that propel it. As if that were not enough, it integrates LED lights to its structure to be even more attractive.

Together with its magic wand, which allows you to keep it in the air with ease, you can achieve the most fun and interesting games. Thus, you have a flying toy that will give a lot of fun to your children, where only their imagination can be the limit of what they can achieve with one of these flying toys for kids. Of course, it is made of safe and healthy materials, so you don’t have to worry about this.


Flying toy features

  • Intelligent sensing flight, easy to operate
  • Fly as soon as you throw it
  • Security & health minded
  • LED lights
  • USB charging-convenient.quick and easy
  • Eco – friendly



  • Material: PP Plastic + electronic components
  • Power: 200mAh lithium battery built in the flying ball
  • Battery Life: 10 minutes
  • Charging Time: 30 minutes
  • Magic Wand Battery: 1*AAA battery (not include)
  • Sizes: 9.5 x 9.5 x 9.5cm



  • How do I turn it on/off?

The product contains a button for this purpose. One press will turn it all the way on, the next press will only keep the LED lights on, and a final press will turn it all the way off.

  • Is it possible for the toy to fly back?

Yes, with a little practice, by applying a specific angle the toy will come back to you.

  • What happens when the ball hits the ground?

When touching the ground the ball will automatically turn off. It’s part of the game!

Package includes:

  • 1 flying toy
  • 1 magic wand

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