Engaging Splashy Bathtime Toy for Children

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Bid farewell to bath time struggles, and witness the delight on your little ones’ faces as Bathtime Splash transforms ordinary tubs into a captivating underwater realm. This innovative companion sprinkles gentle streams of water while radiating enchanting colors, elevating every bathtime beyond a mere cleansing routine to a journey through a magical aquatic wonderland.

More than a Bath Toy, It’s a Bath-Time Luminary

Bathtime Splash isn’t your typical rubber ducky. This playful aquatic wonder turns any bathtub into a spellbinding oceanic adventure. It releases gentle streams of water, crafting a mini-waterfall that your tots will adore. And the icing on the cake? It glows in captivating, ever-changing colors. Bathtime? It’s more like a mesmerizing showtime!

Safety as the Top Priority

Concerned about safety? Fear not! Bathtime Splash is crafted from top-tier, non-toxic materials. It’s robust enough to withstand the playful antics of toddlers yet gentle enough to be their newfound bath companion. Moreover, those soft, glowing lights are 100% LED, ensuring everyone stays safe and sound.


  • Ends Bath Struggles & Kids Love It
  • Water Spray Fun with Mesmerizing Lights
  • Robust Design
  • 100% Safe Play
  • Powered by 3x AAA Batteries (not included)
  • Designed for for kids aged 1 year old and above
  • Ideal for toddler 
  • Interactive toys for engaging bathtime
  • For dimensions, please refer to the product picture


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