Eco-Friendly & Reusable Water Balloons for Children

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Turn every sunlit day into an unforgettable aquatic showdown brimming with joy, thrill, and environmentally conscious amusement, courtesy of Splashy Surprise – our Reusable Water Burst orbs. Dive into endless amusement with your little ones as they immerse themselves in exhilarating outdoor splash games, all while savoring the ease of swift refills and the satisfaction of contributing to a healthier planet.

Spontaneous Delight, Minimal Impact: Reload and Revel

Crafted for giggly afternoons, these water burst orbs deliver the excitement of a water skirmish without the environmental aftermath. Experience the simplicity of ‘reloading’ – just submerge them in water, connect the magnetic halves, and you’re ready for the next round of watery fun! Picture the joy radiating from your children as they wield Splashy Surprise in their hands.

Efficiency Meets Eco-Conscious Entertainment

Understanding the value of your time, we’ve designed Splashy Surprise to be a time-saving, planet-loving source of entertainment. Bid farewell to the tedious task of filling and tying endless water balloons. With Splashy Surprise, you gain more quality time to share in your child’s delight or savor a moment of tranquility while they revel in play. It’s a victory for the entire family.

Conventional water balloons contribute to plastic waste, but our reusable concept eradicates this issue. Each Splashy Surprise water burst orb is a stride towards a cleaner, more sustainable planet, instilling in children the significance of environmental responsibility in a manner that’s enjoyable and interactive.

Discover the joy of teaching toys right in your backyard. Splashy Surprise not only provides entertainment but also imparts lessons of sustainability and environmental responsibility, making it an ideal addition to your collection of toys for kids.




  • Reusable Water Burst Orbs
  • Environmentally Friendly Kids’ Amusements
  • Ideal for Summer Outdoor Escapades
  • Effortless Refill and Sustainable Water Burst Orbs
  • Sets Available: 8 Pack, 12 Pack


8 Pack, 12 Pack