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Ear Wax Vacuum

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Ear Wax Vacuum


Why shouldn’t you clean your ears with a cotton swab?

It is not a good idea to clean your ears with cotton swab because the cotton swab reaches the eardrums. And when it reaches the eardrums it may harm your ears. Based on studies, eardrums are very delicate that may rupture even in the gentlest pressure you have when you use the cotton swab for cleaning your ear. It may leak a clear fluid when the pain is severe and the worst is it can even lead to a conductive hearing loss.

That is why Ear Wax Vacuum is here to serve you. The ear wax vacuum draws dirt particles and moisture out of the ear, that would be considered as powerful yet gentle. It will remove the wax gently and without injury. It has silicone tips to protect the ear and that will also prevent the tip of the vacuum from entering too far. This machine is considered as a quiet-safe-effective-convenient-healthy-and-comfortable.

How to use:

  • Open the battery cover at the bottom and put the 2AA size battery. Then close the cover.
  • Put the silicone earplug on the tube of the unit make it sure that it is firmly fixed on the tube.
  • Switch on the unit and the motor is running with sound.
  • Put the tube in the ear and slightly turn in order to draw out earwax.

Package Included:

  • 1x Ear Cleaner
  • 4x Hygienic Silicone Nozzle
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Instruction Manual


Customer Reviews

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Valentine Terry
It really works

I didn't realize how much ear wax I had in my ears until I used this. This particular device is cheaply made but gets the job done. This is very similar to the medical-grade kits your doctor would use, so it's great to see that there's an at-home option. Cleanup is extremely easy and can be used countless times. Highly recommend buying this.

monica meli
It is light and easy too use.

It's definitely better than the manual ear wax removal.I’ve always had troubles keeping my ears cleaned. As a person who always get ear infections during allergy season I definitely recommend this ear cleaner!This has a strong suction on it and a tiny tip so there is pretty much no danger of pushing ear wax deeper.

richard lipe
They work

I have itchy ears all the dang time. This fixes it immediately. Use a fingernail to clean it out if you want. Tons of crap lands on your shirt collar/shoulders. But that is just the way it goes.

Edward Holmes
Does not hurt the ear canal.

The packaging is very delicate and looks very high-end. It is easy to use. The ear picking silicone is soft and does not hurt the ear canal. It is very comfortable to use. Very practical. Recommended.

Minecraft mods
This tool is useful!

It's easy to use.It's a nice survival kit that's easy to use, and no one likes earwax, whether it's looking at someone else's earwax or trying to remove it from their own or their child's.It’s great, very easy to use, it’s quiet, so I think it’s good for children, it slips easily into the ears, and it does remove earwax very well, so you will have a really clean ear feel.This is a safer way to clean your ears.It's the perfect combination of efficiency, durability and price.I didn’t know there was such a product before, I found it inadvertently on the Internet.