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Doll House

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Doll House

Balma´s Doll House is perfect not only to play with your dolls but it is also a decorative item for your room. The amount of details it has is surprising, it is the best on the market!


Customer Reviews

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Jing Yi
Beautiful miniature mansion

This was such a beautiful “doll house” but as you can see it was nothing “doll” about it! This was a full out miniature mansion with a scale of 1:2 of a real one, including ALL the details from a pitcher of lemonade to vanity bathroom lights! It even has wiring for the water to be actually lit up like a beautiful mansion. It is taking for forever to assemble but honestly do worth it, because it is so relaxing and fulfilling! Just keep in mind to keep track of every piece otherwise you will end up missing a section of the mansion!

Masoma Hussain
DIY doll house for kids who love building things

 Great activity with kids! My daughters love assembling it with their dad on weekend. We are still working on it as it is very detailed. They loved making the pool and adding the light feature.
If your kids are into building things then it is for you!

easy to assemble but will take some time to get the final result

easy to assemble but will take some time to get the final result. Quality panels in pieces, looking forward to see you the final result. so far so good.

Qi M

Very impressed with this house, its a harder than what I expected! I used half a month to complete it. But I'm really enjoy it and make a lot fun to me. Every part of it is too tiny, must be according the instructions. I print my tiny photo hang on the wall of the bedroom. But I messed up the color of the pool lights and the room lights. This is a challenge for my big hands. I used all my patience. But when I finish it the feeling is awesome. I will recommend it to my friends.


We are still putting it together but having so much doing it!