Childrens Hooded Towel Bath Beach Towel Poncho

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Happy Bath time with our Childrens Hooded Towel

Versatile Design: Perfect for children’s clothing, this bathrobe features charming cartoon characters, making bath time more delightful for kids aged 1-8 years.

Sweet Dreams in Flannel Comfort: Introducing our Kids Bathrobe—a flannel wonder designed to bring warmth and joy to bedtime for children aged 1-8 years.

Flannel Softness for Ultimate Comfort: Made from premium flannel material, this bathrobe wraps your little one in a cocoon of comfort, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

Charming Cartoon Characters: Enhance the bedtime routine with the playful design of cartoon characters, making it a favorite among children.

Versatile Hooded Design: The hooded feature adds an extra touch of coziness, making it a versatile choice for post-bath relaxation.

Material: Crafted from soft and warm flannel, our Kids Bathrobe ensures comfort for bedtime or after bath relaxation.


  • Product Name: Kids Bathrobe
  • Material: Flannel
  • Design: Cartoon Characters, Night Robe, Kids Pajamas
  • Age Group: 1-8 years

Elevate your child’s bath time experience with our Kids Bathrobe—crafted from soft flannel and adorned with charming cartoon characters. Ensure sweet dreams and cozy relaxation after every bath or before bedtime.


White, Beige, Gray, Pink


2T, 3T, 4T, 5, 6, 7-8, 12M

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Isla S.
Bedtime Bliss

Great product! Excellent material! Bedtime bliss is guaranteed with this cozy bathrobe.

Chloe R.
Snug Fit

Excellent material! This bathrobe has a snug fit that my child loves - it's perfect.

Lily Q.
Happy Little Sleeper

Great product! My child is a happy little sleeper thanks to this wonderful bathrobe.

Ava P.
Easy and Practical

Excellent material! This bathrobe is easy to put on and practical for busy parents.

Grace O.
Cozy Nights

Great product! Excellent material! Our nights are cozier with this lovely bathrobe.