Bubble Crab Bathtime Toy for Toddlers

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Dive your little ones into a realm of boundless delight and enchantment with Bubble Crab, transforming their bathtime into an irresistible symphony of bubbles and catchy melodies. It’s more than just a bath; it’s an unforgettable immersion that nurtures creativity, sensory development, and, above all, brings heartwarming smiles.


A Bathtub Symphony Kids Will Adore

Ever attempted to lure a toddler into the bath? With Bubble Crab, the tub becomes a grand stage, and bathtime evolves into a live musical extravaganza. Picture this: our cheerful aquatic companion not only creates bubbles but also serenades your little ones with 12 adored children’s tunes. Now, you’ll witness them eagerly diving into the water, eager to groove alongside their aquatic friend.

Cultivate Skills and Memories, One Bubble Burst at a Time

It’s all about forging emotional connections and crafting cherished memories. Bubble Crab isn’t just another bath toy; it’s a memory architect. While your children hum along and pop bubbles, they’re not merely getting clean; they’re honing crucial skills. We’re talking sensory stimulation, rhythm recognition, and a plethora of imaginative exploration!


  • Bubble Magic featuring 12 Children’s Songs
  • Skill-Building Enjoyment for Stress-Free Baths
  • Child-Safe Materials & Sturdy Construction
  • Powered by 2x AA Batteries (not included)
  • Designed for toys for kids aged 1 year old and above
  • Ideal for toddler toys
  • Interactive toys for engaging bathtime
  • For dimensions, please refer to the product picture


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