Big Giant Teddy Bear



The giant bear makes for the perfect Gift idea for anyone! We introduce you our Wanda´s Giant Teddy Bear!


Giant Teddy Bear - Huge 8 Foot Tall Teddy Bear - 93 Inch Stuffed Bear

The giant teddy bear is made from synthetic polyester, with the inner made from polyester fibres. The bear is washable with mild soap/detergent and warm water.

Now all you just need to order is make sure you have a big enough home to fit it in.

Giant Teddy Bear - Huge 8 Foot Tall Teddy Bear - 93 Inch Stuffed Bear

It comes in different size and colors so it can match anyones taste and preferences! The only thing that is not negotiable is it’s cuteness! <3

We want anyone to be able to have this bear, that’s why we lower the price as low as it cans! This come with different selections and options. One of the ways to lower the price was to select only the covers of the teddy bear, leaving the customer the option to fill themselves with selected cotton quality they want to use.

NB: you need to fill the bear yourself (sold separately)

Customer Reviews

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sarah taylor
Super cute! My daughters LOVE them!

Got 2 of these for my girls valentine's day gifts, they absolutely love them! Little pricey, but was worth it.

I'm not not really real

Bought it for my girlfriend so this is her review
5 stars. Best cuddler in the universe.
Super soft and calms me down.
Packaging was odd, but came with directions on how to make the bear look like the picture.
Also the directions came with a birthday for the bear and it’s favorite cake flavor which is super cute

Nikki Hanson

This was a gift from my long distance relationship to give me something to cuddle with when he isn't here. I did not expect this bear to be so huge and sooooooo soft and cuddly! It came vacuum packed so tight in the heart wrapping paper that it looked like a little pillow, but once I got it out it continued to grow and grow and grow. I did have to unzip and fluff his stuffing up a bit, but that is to be expected from being so tightly compacted. I absolutely love this bear and the texture of his fur is so velvety soft! I had a few that I was choosing from and I am so glad that this is the one he picked out! My only wish is that the arms were a little longer to really wrap around me, but it is still a bit comfort! :D

S. Murphy
It's What You Expect

It's a gigantic teddy bear. I bought it for my girlfriend as a gift and she loved it. It's big enough to dress up as well. She decided on a tank top and pajama pants with beer mugs on them. Also very comfy though once all the stuffing gets to expand. Have used this as a pillow.

Megan Garnier
Exactly as pictured, full and plush

After reading the reviews I was hesitant to buy this. It just arrived in the mail, vaccum sealed in a very small box. Upon pulling the bear out of the bag, it was NOT flat and deflated looking as other reviews stated. I didn't even have to "fluff" it up or do anything to it. It is full, plush, and has ZERO tips or tears anywhere on its body. It did infact come with a zipper on the back, and there were absolutely no flaws! My photos will show how it came out of the box immediately after opening.