Bath Animals Water Whirl Toy

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Infuse boundless joy and spark imagination in your little one as they engage in filling, twirling, and frolicking with the our Water Animals, the ultimate water-filling windmill bath companion crafted to transform every bathtime into a gleeful odyssey of exploration and play—perfect for on-the-go parents seeking seamless yet delightful bath time solutions.


Transform Bathtime into a Microcosm of Laughter and Twirls

With our Water Animals, your youngster receives more than just a plaything; they welcome a miniature aquatic paradise right into their bathtub! Envision the delight on their face as they replenish the penguin and witness the windmill twirl like enchantment. Bathtime evolves into a wonderland of splashy revolutions and cheerful smiles. It’s the entertaining express lane to pristine cleanliness!

Effortless Amusement and Tranquil Assurance in a Single Bathtime Fix

Hectic days, meet our Water Animals—a cinch to employ and swift to tidy. Moreover, it’s meticulously fashioned from secure, non-toxic materials. While your youngster relishes the splashy merriment, you gain serenity. More delight, less fuss—that’s our commitment.



  • User-Friendly and Effortless to Clean
  • Bathtime Enchantment with Instant Delight
  • Child-Friendly & Resilient Construction
  • Designed for toys for kids aged 1 year old and above
  • Ideal for toddler
  • Interactive toys for engaging bathtime
  • For dimensions, please consult the product picture



  • 1 x Color Duck or Elephant depeding on your choice


Yellow Duck, Green Duck, Orange Elephant, Purple Elephant