Baby Swaddle Wrap Bag Blanket for Infants and Newborn with thick Fleece for Winter

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Swaddle bag: Wrapping Your Little One in Cozy Comfort


“Wonderful Blanket! – This swaddle muslin is simply perfect. Our baby sleeps peacefully and snugly. The quality is excellent!”

Cozy and Secure Swaddling

Embrace Your Baby in Softness

Indulge your little one in the warmth and comfort of our swaddleme blankets. Crafted from skin-friendly cotton that gets softer with each wash, this snug-fitting blanket is perfect for cribs or strollers. The double-layered polyester fleece lining adds an extra layer of coziness, wrapping your baby from head to toe in a secure and soothing cocoon.

Adorable and Practical Design

Cuddle Anytime, Anywhere

Whether in a crib, stroller, or your arms, keep your baby warm and comfortable with our versatile infant wrap blanket. The quilted fabric is gentle on delicate skin, providing a soft texture that helps your little one feel secure and happy. The fuzzy polyester exterior enhances warmth, while a flexible layer keeps drafts out and adds plush padding for a cozy sleep.

Convenient and Stylish Wrapping

Easy Wrap, Snug Fit

Say goodbye to fussy closures! Our infant wrap blanket features a wide opening and a convenient velcro closure, making it a breeze to wrap your baby securely. No zippers or poppers, just easy-open sides for feeding or changing. Available in four adorable colors with cute ears and tail details, your newborn will look even more charming in this outfit.

Technical Specification Bullet List:

  • Material: Polyester Fleece + Cotton
  • Options suitable for: Babies 0-12 months

Wrap your baby in the snuggly embrace of our swaddle blankets — a perfect blend of comfort and style. The gentle touch of cotton, coupled with the cozy fleece lining, ensures your little one sleeps soundly. With easy-open sides and a charming design, this is the best swaddle for newborns. Make every moment special with our cozy winter swaddle blankets – where comfort meets cuteness.


  • 55cm (0-3M)
  • 65cm (3-6M)
  • 75cm (6-12M)


55cm (0-3M), 55cm (0-3M), 55cm (0-3M), 55cm (0-3M), 65cm (3-6M), 65cm (3-6M), 65cm (3-6M), 65cm (3-6M), 75cm (6-12M), 75cm (6-12M), 75cm (6-12M), 75cm (6-12M)


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